Introducing…Goal Number 4!

If you’ve wanted to eat anything I’ve posted about thus far, then you were either starving when you read it or absolutely crazy. I know the desserts I’ve made sound good but they definitely do not look appetizing or even edible really.

I took photography classes in high school. I even won an award in my Junior year for taking a great B+W photo of a creepy, falling down, metal shed which I appropriately named “Murder Shed”. You would think I could take a decent picture of a cookie!

This brings me to the point of this post…the addition of a new goal! If you didn’t guess it already from my rambling above – I want to, really I need to, learn how to take appetizing photos of food.
Apparently numerous other people have the same goal as I do because I just did a quick “how to take pictures of food” into Google and there are a gazillion links to how-to articles from food magazines, posts from other bloggers, and even descriptive videos!
This is what I learned…
1. Don’t use your iPhone to take the pictures. You don’t need to use a crazy expensive camera with all of the bells and whistles. Your standard digital camera will do.
2. “Dress Up” your food. Make the food the center of the stage by using plates/bowls of contrasting or harmonizing color (don’t use the same color as your food!). Make sure there is no clutter in the background – clear off the surrounding area of baking utensils, people, etc.
3. Use natural light whenever possible and turn your camera flash OFF. The flash on a camera will make your food look flat and dull. If you’re cooking at night, where natural light isn’t possible, shoot in the brightest area of the house. Food looks best back or side lit.
4. Fill the frame with the food. It’ll look more delicious taken at close range.
5. Hold your camera steady. You can use a tri-pod if you have one. I however, will most likely use a stack of cookbooks.
6. Take pictures as soon as the food is done. The food will look the best when it is freshly prepared.
I summarized the photography tips above from various articles I found on the internet. The best one I found for amateur food photographers like myself was called The Ten Tastiest Food Photography Tips.
I am taking all of these tips into account and hopefully my photos will begin to do my baked goods some justice. Wish me luck!

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