The Lone Ranger

Happy Monday!

This past weekend practically everyone I knew was out of town – for a wedding, for a graduation party, for a family vacation, etc. So I had planned to have a nice relaxing weekend by myself sitting by the pool, working on my tan, and finishing the book I was reading, Sarah’s Key (Which is a fantastic book. If you’re a reader, I highly recommend it).

On Friday night we had a HUGE storm. I woke up to a loud bomb of thunder and saw what looked to be paparazzi flashes of lightening, one flash after another. If you read my “About Me” you would know I love watching thunder storms. Had I known this was going to be the storm of the summer, I would have stayed up to watch it. Instead, I put a blanket over my head and curled back up into bed.

Total bummer.

This storm killed 5 people and knocked out the power for over 1.5 million houses and businesses in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. That statistic included my apartment’s gym, laundry room, AND pool. Thankfully I had power and air conditioning. In the middle of the weekend’s heat wave, that was an important thing to have!

My plan was foiled…I wasn’t allowed to go into the pool area because the power was out and the pool pump wasn’t working. Instead of working on my tan, I painted a picture frame, went shopping in a partially dark target, worked out in a dark gym, ate 1/4 of a jar of nutella (ugh..I know), went for a walk, watched RENT the musical 3 times, did some work on my roof while sweating my fanny off and made strawberry biscuits for a coworker’s breakfast retirement party.

I decided to make strawberry biscuits because I was running low on money and needed to use the things I already had. I instantly thought of biscuits, which I would normally make with Bisquick since all you need to do is add water and an egg!

Luckily, I had all of the biscuit ingredients to make them from scratch and a bag of frozen strawberries. I got the biscuit recipe from a Food & Wine Magazine e-mail I receieved. It involved using a food processor (which I just got for Christmas!) so I was excited to attempt it.

I diced the strawberries into little cubes, put them into a bowl and put 2 tsp of sugar over them. Yum!

Then I followed the directions and put the dry ingredients into my beautiful “new” Cuisinart Food Processor.

I say “new” because even though I got it for Christmas, the only time I’ve ever used it was one time I used the grinder to shred some cheese. I was definitely not showcasing any skills with that task. This baby chopped up the butter beautifully! And when I added the wet ingredients into the food processor, the perfect dough was formed. I might have found the Kitchen Aid Food Mixer’s enemy!

I plopped the dough right into the strawberries. Did the directions say to do that? No, they didn’t. BUT I was trying to be innovative and I didn’t feel like carrying a bowl of strawberries with me to work (I have to walk a mile and then take a bus, no thanks). Bringing already cooked biscuits was where my mind was heading. So anyways, I did that and then I folded it all together. I placed rounded buscuit mounds onto a greased cookie sheet.

I sent a picture to my boyfriend and he said it looked like ground beef…I have to agree :/

I put them into the 400 degree oven for 15 minutes and crossed my fingers. I must not have been crossing them hard enough because THIS is what they looked like when they came out…

Dun Dun Dunnnnnn

I didn’t go to college for four years and earn a degree in Biochemistry without learning something. So I put my thinking cap on and…Eureka! I put this ground beef looking biscuit mixture into the muffin tins, put them into the oven and crossed my fingers even harder. And Voila!

A semi-success..don’t you think? Just so you know, these ugly strawberry biscuit muffins tasted fantastic! Even the ones that spread together. I highly recommend trying this biscuit recipe from Food & Wine. You probably don’t even need a food processor to do it. So, I brought these to the retirement brunch and everyone loved them! I’ve now started calling them “Strawberry Shortcake To-Go”….clever, right? (PS: If you didn’t already know this, I didn’t do the honey and creme part).

All in all it was an incredibly lonely and (kind of?) productive weekend.

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